Will and Phillip Get Into a Confrontation Over Natalie – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Phillip placed that ring! Thank goodness he was busted by the doctor. (I don't know his name, so please do not comment on that) Just because Phillip wanted to propose to Natalie for saving his daughter, it does not mean he has the right to fake the proposal. Will looked devastated and my heart sank so quickly; until I realised Phillip was faking it. I felt bad for him when he was trying to propose and Natalie went outside to Will; but that feeling is long gone. How could he do that? He hasn't got the right to do such a thing. Will is not to blame for Natalie's injuries, Ray Burke's son is to blame; he is the one who hit Will's car! Phillip is just a self centered egomaniac and a liar! If he keeps claiming he's Natalie's fiancé, I hope he is thrown out of the hospital for good!

  2. Hope Philips will leave the show soon even if Nathalie and will don’t get back together ( don’t get me wrong I love Manstead) but I hate this storyline hope it’s gonna end soon

  3. Please write the series numbers in which something happened with will, was ill, needed an operation or just cut, and then any illness of will

  4. When the last scene of 4×22 happened, I spent around two hours going through it looking for any possible evidence Nat said yes- i.e the rING- , and now that this clusterhecc has happened with Phillip, we ChiHards now have sufficient evidence to go burn him! 😀

  5. I don't know what Phillips angel is but I don't like him. I love how this other doctor realizes something is right and is keeping a close eye on the situation. I hope Natalie remembers everything soon.

  6. What if the baby is not even Phillip’s. Maybe his wife told him about it and then something changed in him idk is be a psycopath i mean they just did the bit with Ava. But then what is wrong with him? Is he a murderer or commited something..etc ?

  7. I had a feeling after the cliffhanger with Will and Natalie in the parking lot she'd loss her memory. Then in the season 5 premiere Phillip would manipulate Natalie into thinking they got engaged prior to the car accident!

  8. I hope Phillip gets what's coming to him. The scene alone where the new doctor (whom I'm really liking) pointed out that they would've removed the ring on Natalie's finger when they saw it, is in my opinion indicating something is going to happen.

  9. Really like the new doctor but can we talk about how he suspected (actually pretty sure) that Philip is lying about the engagement, but didn't choose to report or talk to Natalie about it

  10. I’m sorry am I the only one who finds it weird and frankly pretty suspicious that he started dating so soon after his wife died.

  11. I hope when the bottom finally falls out it's revealed Phillip is a serial killer, I want Natalie to feel stupid and scared every day the rest of her life for blowing off every single thing Will ever says and thinking it's normal for a guy whose wife just died in child birth to start hitting on the doctor who delivered the baby.

  12. Wasn't he in another episode earlier in the show with his pregnant wife? Natalie treated his wife back in the day when she was in labor 2 months early

  13. Philip put that ring on her when she was injured and when she woke up,she was crying that meant that something was wrong. Will deserves Natalie and I ain’t changing my mind

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