Will the Federal Reserve’s comments on coronavirus hurt markets?

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  1. Our children and grandchildren will learn of this week in US History books. We've set quite a few records.

    Just this week alone we've had….
    1. The furthest stock market drop in a single day, during the history of the United States of America.
    2. The furthest stock market drop in a week, during US History, and we accomplished that by Wednesday.
    3. The lowest start of any trade day in American History, today when the market opened at -800 points.

  2. They know , come Monday morning at 9am est … Black Monday will turn into Tuesday bloody Tuesday !!!

  3. It shouldn't be a problem though, so ask yourself why?
    Will twenty percent of us need to be hospitalized, we are not prepared for a pandemic in anyway because Obama set up the office for it & Trump destroyed it out of idiocy & pure racism. The cost of medical now is crazy & insurance companies will not want to pay for any of it.
    Why is the market more important than people? Our government makes this gambling important with our funds & to it the stock market & sake it more important than people.

  4. I hear it comes for liars and politicians…ironic. No fear of the flu as AF sprayed UT years ago on some of us to fight this one off. Thanks to the planes that spew the cure!

  5. Sell off now and buy back later when its cheaper like when it hits rock bottom or better yet buy gold and silver it a fall back when the economy goes bust like it likely will

  6. Dumbass
    Just so
    Republicans can

    (first letter of each slimy word)

  7. This is a repeat of the movie The Big Short.This are probably the same people or corporations that creating this problems at wall street and making a lot of money and make a lot of money again with the federal bailout.Too big to fail,it's a scam.

  8. God King of Bankruptcies say it's only a few thousand points down on the Dow, nothing to worry about. Buy now and lose later.

  9. Helicopter money coming – anything to prop up the markets. Bubbles will burst, rebalancing occurs. Rich get richer, workers pay all of the taxes.

  10. This problem stems all the way back to 1898/1913. U.S. corporate interests, the military industrial complex, and the Democratic Party took away states' right to choose their senators, created a private monetary printing press called the Federal Reserve, and amended the Constitution to give the federal government power to directly tax people's incomes. All of which instigated and perpetuated an unconstitutional foreign policy of militarism and interventionism, enabling democrat presidents to drag the U.S. into WWI and subsequently WWII. It was our militaristic interventionist foreign policy of democratizing and policing the world that deluded the U.S. into propping up China for decades. This is the result of our collective failure; voters back then and today are not electing representatives who can faithfully uphold, support, and defend the Constitution. Abolish the Federal Reserve.

  11. CDC change in testing criteria, along with modified testing kits that were sent out, will increase number of infected count dramatically.

    California outbreak is inevitable

  12. Trump knows fear can be the biggest enemy of the markets yet he has no problem spreading fear along with fox that if Bernie gets elected the market will crash. It is as if his only concern is himself, shocker. We knew that the market was in a giant bubble with all shares overpriced. Yet it is the viruses fault? Wake up.

  13. Good old Charles Payne the bull$hitter cheerleader for the banksters. Ya, let us cut rates again and go to zero to juice the over inflated stock market. This has been going on for 12 years. The Fed, governments, Wall Street banksters, and central banksters have been propping the markets with debt and easy money to the point that the US is 100 trillion in debt and the world economy is 1 quadrillion in debt.

    This has nothing to do with the Corona virus. The virus is a made up exaggerated lie to divert the real problem. BANKRUPTCY of our world economy. Over inflated equities and real estate is the Feds only concern for the top 1%.

    It is a lie folks and with in the next two years what is left of the middle class will be wiped out. We have become the land of haves and have nots. 10% that own 90% and 90% that own 10%. It will get worse thanks to the banksters.

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