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One of the most anticipated
government reports in U.S. history is now in the
hands of this man: Attorney General William Barr. “Bill Barr, one of the
most respected jurists in the country. Highly
respected lawyer.” President Trump nominated
Barr for the position last December. That was after he fired Barr’s
predecessor, Jeff Sessions. For months, Trump
had been seething at Sessions’ decision
to recuse himself from the Mueller
investigation. “The attorney general says,
‘I’m going to recuse myself.’” “The attorney general
made a terrible mistake.” “I’m disappointed
in the attorney general for many reasons,
and you understand that.” So where does Barr stand on
the special counsel’s probe? That was a recurring question during his confirmation hearing. “Do you believe Mr. Mueller
would be involved in a witch hunt against anybody?” “Will you commit to making any report Mueller produces available to
Congress and to the public?” “Are there any circumstances that would cause you to
terminate the investigations?” Democrats have voiced concern
that he might try and quash Robert Mueller’s findings. “And I asked him: Would he
issue the full Mueller report? He would not give
that assurance.“ But Barr played that down. “I believe it is vitally important that the special counsel
be allowed to complete his investigation.” It’s also worth noting
that Barr and Mueller have been friends for 30 years. So how do Barr and
Trump get along? We don’t know much, but
the now-attorney general told Congress that he
he was once approached to be part of Trump’s
legal defense team. “A very brief meeting where essentially the president wanted to know — He said, oh, you know Bob Mueller. How well do you know Bob Mueller? I didn’t hear from him until,
you know, later. But about something different, which was the attorney general position.” This isn’t Barr’s first
time as attorney general. He served under
President George H.W. Bush. He was a corporate lawyer for many years afterward. He’s known for
an expansive view of presidential authority, which he talked about in this
memo from June 2018. “He alone is the executive branch. As such, he is the
sole repository of all executive powers conferred by the Constitution.” Whether this will
impact how he handles the Mueller report
remains to be seen.


  1. It doesn't matter the outcome. REGARDLESS… Liberals will throw shade and doubt to anything.. even if the FULL unredacted report is made public… there will always be a hint of suspicion coming from you guys. SHAME.

  2. I don't doubt that Trump colluded with the Russians, since he acts like a guilty man and has surrounded himself with guilty people. But he may have succeeded in insulating himself well enough to have not left convincing evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt".
    Just what Barr would or would not reveal is an interesting question, but it's an obvious defect of the Special Prosecutor system that someone appointed by the President could have say about what gets revealed in an investigation of the President. The obvious body to have responsibility for this is the Supreme Court. Just how a change like this could be made I don't know. It obviously can't be made in time to settle the question at hand.

  3. I am holding out hope that Barr will pull a surprise move and actually release all of Mueller's report to the House of Representatives, but I can't be too optimistic.

  4. People are all upset that all signs point to Mueller’s probe was actually a waste of time, shocking. Not really aside from speculation there has been no real evidence to come out. While all the evidence in fact points to some dirty stuff on the side of HRC’s campaign. Everyone will say oh but all the indictments and none of them are actually related to the campaign time period or Russia. I think by this point it is a fair call to investigate the Clinton campaign and see what comes up being as through this investigation evidence has come up to warrant it.

  5. I don't like trump, but he's very smart. He finds crooks that works for him to get him out this mueller report.

  6. Trump likes Barr now .. wait until the Special Counsel AND SDNY and other districts submit the reports. Tweet storm from spoiled brat Trump Treason.

  7. Rabbi, may I ask you a question? Certainly Leibish. Rabbi, is there a proper blessing for the Tsar? The Tsar? Of course! May God bless and keep the Tsar…….far away from us!!!

    Happy Bear-Baiting y'all.

  8. so now "The New York Times" is trying to bring dought to William Bar… America!!!!, please wake up and dont be brainwashed my CNN or the new york times

  9. Here's the part where we paint Barr as a bad guy so we still have an excuse to be mad when this nothing-burger gets served
    In a couple weeks we'll add Mueller himself to our list of questionable names

  10. Trump nominated William Barr whos to say they not working with each other?

  11. Does Barr even know he's the AG ? ….doubtful. I suspect he's a bigger, fatter …Dud…than was his RINO predecessor

  12. Remember Nixon trying to hide the tapes, trust Mueller to ensure the truth comes out and where required justice served. Thank you to every single person who voted Democrat meaning the Dems have the House! ???????

  13. Barr writes of a US President,,,He alone IS the Executive Branch,,,he is the sole repository of ALL EXECUTIVE POWERS conferred by the Constitution, An interesting reading of the Constitution, But an incorrect reading

  14. Wait till most Americans now realize they just spent $35 million to investigate Paul Manafort’s consulting fees from 2008.


  16. Mueller working: Witch hunt! Witch hunt! Witch hunt! Nothing burger!

    Mueller report no 'collusion': Oh, no further indictment! The burger is fat and delicious! Yeah Mueller Yeah! Go! Go! Go!


  17. Mueller investigates President Trump for 2yrs NOW Congress will investigate 2 more yrs And nothing will be found Just to Harass Trump for his Presidency WRONG

  18. Dirty Don the Con and his mobster friends will make the report smell like roses….Corruption as its best!! Typing this before it has come out but thats how predictable this White House and administration are……


  20. Hello world, you do realise that the report hasn't been released? Indictment of Trump wasn't really expected, so the question is what are his findings and recommendations.

  21. LOL… it is amazing how people will still try to cover up the POLITICAL INVESTIGATION SCAM!… those who voted for the DEMS should pay back the $25 millions Mueller's political game has cost.

  22. I wish my fellow Americans of both parties realize how much time and money was, and still is being wasted on trying to bring our President down, instead of using that time and money on real issues that affect the quality of life for all of our citizens. I was highly skeptical of trump at first, but hes done a fantastic job and its easy to see that he is working for the PEOPLE, and not the financial establishment that has been running washington and the media for decades. This is why they want him out and im surprised hes still alive. As an example of how we are kept in the dark by the media, watch the recent oversight hearing regarding drugs crossing the border. See what the experts say about the border and listen to the statistics. These experts were called in by the democrats fyi. See what they say and then ask yourself why would the msm not report this extremely important national security information to American citizens. Youtube “jason cheffetz shreds sara saldana” and ask yourself why would this happen and why is this information being kept from the people. These are important matters that no one hears about because of the same establishment that runs DC and the media. No one wants to watch congressional hearings, but its a good way to see how washington works, how there is a double standard, and how the media lies to us every single day. Best of luck to all??‍♂️

  23. The MSM has lost every shred of credibility. In their attempts to
    overthrow Pres Trump, they have actually given him one of the biggest
    gifts he has ever been given.

  24. Mueller investigation took 666 days, counting thee day it began and also thee day it ended, a coincidence? GO back and watch the Inauguration, Mueller is over Trumps right shoulder (our left) his overt expressions make so much sense now! It is very telling.

  25. I am sorry I voted for Trump after he said on TV hillery. Was indicated and he would not touch ssi and medicare or mrdicade will why do you think I would like him after he lied to my face I don't feel bad since I have listen the man lying Al the time I guess this is nothing to but to me very important to me I do have many degree so I should break. Happy thoughtds to Trump and of course to you steamer

  26. Okay, I don’t get this. If trump nominated him and has some type of relationship with Barr. why did muller give it to this guy to filter out info and relay the info to congress and the public?

  27. Wake up — Barr was specifically picked because he could best do the cover-up. He may succeed at only starting the impeachment proceedings sooner.

  28. YouTube Reccomended Algorithms Pushed Away From News Coverages of Mueller Report… REPUBLIKAN RACISTS have anything to do with it,! INVESTIGATE!

  29. This is so wrong I have not a sentella of trust in this guy having this power ,this is corrupt from the floor up none of them have to be subject to the law the enforcers of the law as well and the justice system is compliciit we have lost our country people in ways we cannot see but this is bad .

  30. new york times is not a credible source for information they lost their souls pushing the fake iraq war. so verify anything they tell you.

  31. Will you be returning the Pulitzer Prizes for your bogus Russian collusion story? You have as much credibility
    as MSNBC/CNN poster boy,Michael Avenatti at this point in time.
    The REAL collusion story is the MSM and Democrat Party to undo an election and take down a sitting President.

  32. This is evidence that In USA, it is OK to lies, obstructs and collude with foreign power as long as you destroy all of the evidence. From this we all can conclude it is OK to be corrupts, conning and lying because the DOJ law said commander in chief is above the law. So what good for the commander are good for everybody in USA. This is good for you all in USA since you are all get permission to lies , corrupts, conning, obstructs and collude with foreign power. DOJ, Special Council and the AG give you all green light to do this type of business. This will make America Great Again. NOT, Shame, Shame, on you AG and DOJ.

  33. No exoneration, according to Barr's letter. And the investigation gave us a raft of ongoing investigations. This is no time for a victory dance.

  34. I oughta thank you left wing radical, lying media, you just guaranteed Trump 2020. ??? democrats keep shootimg themselves in the foot over and over. First lying media, covering for clinton, biased news coverage, splitting their own party. Keep chuggin along Left-Wing America, i support your own stupidity! Trump is truly the saviour of America!

  35. It will be released with all the trump's administration and gop members involved in the russian meddling edited out.

    At this rate, the last way you have left to remove corrupt Trump and McConnell is with a rifle

  36. In my views, That is so constitutional view. I think William Barr is a great lawyer.

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