Wolf: DHS will continue legal action against sanctuary cities

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  1. Couldn't felony charges be filed against the individuals that voted these laws in for aiding and abetting criminals? That's what they are doing so why not charge them for it?

  2. Please deny funds to Albuquerque due to its mayor, Tim Keller, turning Albuquerque into a crime ridden sanctuary city at the expense of its citizens. Tim Keller and Albuquerque should get NO FEDERAL FUNDS to support their illegal activities. Arrest Tim Keller and prosecute him as a traitor to the United States and a danger to the citizens of New Mexico. Arrest New Mexico's governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham as well. She fights against border security. These out of control Democrats are endangering our citizens.

  3. Total projection! fox etc-you guys are good I must admit. you can actually state your talking points with a straight face because you know you follows are not going to investigate anything, bravo

  4. These liberal idiots need to be reeled in. The security of our country and its people is paramount to any liberal cause. This country belongs to the American people, Not the indigent peoples of the world. It's not up to us to take the responsibility of supporting these people. If they desire change and want a better life, it's up to them to create that in their Own Countries! None of us are against immigrants providing they immigrate legally, but when they sneak across the border, all bets are off. The reason they sneak in is because there's something in their background that would prohibit legal entry and that's why we need secure borders. It's a simple case of self preservation, and we have every right to it. Period, end of story!!

  5. Retake California, the Democrats of the state are killing my state. I remember a time the economy was booming. Now it is so crooked. Passing tax bills when the previous bill was found to be mis appropriated. As well as the general lawlessness. You have enough homeless you aren't helping. What kind of sense does it really make to allow more people into the country whom have nothing and no homes.

  6. This is all about voter fraud at the end of the day. The two biggest democratic cities are issuing driver's license to make it easier to commit voter fraud and boost democratic votes to make another push to abolish the electoral college and make us the United States of New York-fransico

  7. I don't mind helping people but I don't wake up in the morning to pay for someone who won't get up to take care of theirselfe

  8. This all reminds me of 9/11 and the thousands of legal Americans that died on that day. Cuomo is part of the Deep State and I personally, would love to see him and all of his ilk arrested for breaking the laws in America. There has to be consequences. Californians are leaving the failed Democratic state to other states, but are bringing their far left leaning with them. This could turn states like Texas to turn blue. We must get all illegals out of America and return to our Constitutional and Bill of Rights. Trump is cleaning house but it takes time. I hope this is all cleared up by election time. Pray for America!!!!!!

  9. Woe, security then and now. The security then knew about wrongs needing corrected. The lead behind the lead here is concerning


  11. All of the open border policies and drivers license policies for illegal immigrants is nothing but a design for voter fraud and under the table and cheap labor.

  12. wonder if they found out why the Governor of NY was bussing criminals and illegal aliens out of state and dropping them off in other states?

  13. Maria – simply watch Napolitano interviewing Bolton in 2010
    on Fox Business channel . I hope you can bend far enough
    to pick up your jaw .

  14. Our Commander and Chief should be above the governor's! Them Dems want POTUS to be a custodian instead of president

  15. Give the illegals a LIC# you get their fingerprint. And you have an idea how many illegals are in the country. and their home address USE it, in the Feds Favor.

  16. Whos fault was 9/11? We pay Taxes for a government to protect and they are against us in every way. Politicians are using illegal immigrants to vote for them to ensure their election/re-elections. Politicians pay(caught paying homeless to goto other cities) for illegals to go to cities that need the votes.

  17. Trump constantly accuses the main stream press of disseminating “fake news”, when it’s obvious that Trump is fake, not the news disseminated by the main stream press.  But Trump’s followers – already hypnotized by their nonsensical religious beliefs (which Trump diligently exploits), climb aboard Trump’s fantasy train and seem quite willing to ride it all the way into a totalitarian, fascist state, exactly like the population of Europe did in the 1930s.  And for you Trump supporters who think this an extreme view, you just don’t know history – you may think you do, but you don’t.

  18. What is with seeking agreement?? No lawsuits are needed. Just charge them under existing criminal statutes. They are breaking the law, so act accordingly.

  19. Trump 2020 by the biggest landslide victory in American political history! It's over snowflakes! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🇺🇸

  20. Isn't it ironic that New York's Ellis Island was the bastion of LEGAL immigration at one time and that now the state is doing the exact opposite?

  21. I have a lot of experience with National Security. Let me just say this. THERE IS NO NATIONAL SECURITY. all these people who work in national security are screwballs. They’re poorly trained, there’s no complete background checks. There is no TRUSTED TRAVELER. One look ant kid of people who work for TSA should tell you everything you need to know. My best friend from high school is a supervisor at TSA, and she’s a communist. She joined the communist party in college. It’s all a lie.

  22. It's time to abolish all those sanctuary cities. Why do the American citizens need so many? Just so the state gets more freebies from the gov and we have homeless people/vets living on the streets. Illegals are getting more rights/freedom than the American people and they want to take your guns away so you can't protect yourself.

  23. Democrats' santuary cities shows how much they really hate America. They'd rather protect illegals immigrants, regardless whether they're criminals or not, than protecting their own american citizens. That's totally disgraceful!

  24. I think cuomo was subject to come meet with President Trump to back channel their real plan to save America…cuomo knows it's time to save new york again, why he needed to see President Trump to seek assistance with the illegal immigrants behind close doors…he knows it needs to be done for the safety of new Yorkers and America….illegal unchecked immigrants from all foreign countries have blackmailed and threaten key leaders in office …

  25. There shouldn't be a disagreement. President Trump is the PUTUS. He should have authority to make the gov. Comply.

  26. Garbage Democ🐀Rats waist 3 years Our Nation for witch hunt, impeachment hoax waisted our time and money!! Now things priority need to do is: Pedophile corrupted Joe Biden & Hunter Biden should be held accountable!! Corrupted Nancy Pelosi she broke the law, she rips up the President' speech should be held accountable!! Impeachment Hoax idiots corrupted liar Adam Schiff & Jerry Nadler + Chuck Schumer these corrupted liar should be lock up!!

  27. Corrupted Cuomo Governor need to vote out New York State now is terrible !! President Trump is the boss needs to investigate the scumbag Governor of New York !!

  28. It's not just New York I live in Michigan and my governor sent sir president a letter that she (a DemoRat) is open to allowing Refuses to come to Michigan but she won't deal with the homeless people first.or the landlord that won't comply with city codes and have their buildings get shut down to the point it causes more homeless

  29. Please stop Austin Texas from being a Sanctuary City, its becoming like California,crimes gone up,poop,pee,crazies,drug addicts,diseases and Rats everywhere as big as Cats!! And the city is getting worse!! I try not to go downtown Austin because its so bad!!

  30. I still can't believe people who won't admit that ILLEGAL Immigrants are LAW-BREAKERS and should be punished as such, not coddled by the nanny state! By their standards, then I should be able to commit armed robbery with impunity, right? That's illegal, too! Oh, wait: I'm a natural-born U.S. citizen, so I'M not exempt from our laws. 😠

  31. Now that we now know about international crimes and criminal connections to government… Yes ALL borders need protected. It is to bad we even need a DHS. I don't like the potential that any agency would and could control the population detrimentally. But, sometimes in history we may have to accept some things that we really don't like. DHS is one of those things.

  32. Cut off of Federal funds from the states… that harbor illegal sanctuary cities.
    There is zero Constitutional obligation to pump my tax dollars into LEFTIST cities.
    Start with California and choke off San FranSICKO.

  33. Maybe it is time for the Fed to cut all Fed aid to NY and CA till they start working for America not for illegal aliens and people that Hate America

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