1. This isn't the Jussie Smollett claimed bleach attack this one was for real. 🤭 I hope that awful human being gets caught and get her just desserts: bleach poured on her face.

    Life in the city is rough♡
    Praying the victim recovers well.

  2. Its a mental health issue not demonic works smh. Its so hard being a nice guy, easy to feel pathologised in the city where everyone is already standoffish and maintain level 7 alert; eye contact is an offense. Being normal has its difficulties i cant begin to imagine how people sufferring with mental health for so long survive, feeling ignored by the thousands in passing, they break and give into violent impulses. Many skip seekimg help for fear of judgment…. Nyc could embrace more social transparency and friendliness, less judgement and return a good morning to the random stranger who greets you. Maybe taka a min to talk. Stay well everyone always.

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