1. you can see that she was walking towards the wheel. If she hit her right away i understand but she moved into the wheel

  2. Bye Felicia 👋👋 why did you do thatbecause she was of color and it kills me how some Mexicans and Latinos have the nerve to be racist against black but white people don't like you either 😂

  3. I mean stand in front in a moving car? It’s New York most people have mental problems why would she do that.

  4. "drago worried about price of house"
    "drago had ptsd"
    "drago had a panic attack"
    "drago didn"t know or see"
    "drago is disappointed"
    "top count dropped for Drago"
    "Insuffficient evidence against Drago"
    "Drago can serve up to 4 years"
    white privilege

  5. This why folks just need to mind they business can’t be going around tearing stuff all because you trying to sell a damn house now ain’t nobody gonna want to buy the house

  6. Are u kidding me u gotta put yourself in the shoes of the woman behind the wheel white privilege at it's best and how does the top count only Carry 4 years yet u had a black kid accused of stealing a back pack and was in prison for 2 years for something he never did yet she is only facing a few years u got black men especially young ones going to jail for alot longer for weed yet udiots will say white privilege dont exist and how is this not murder I will be shocked if she doesn't get off some how

  7. Only 4 years for intentionally running someone over. Wow and you keep these young black men in jail for years over marijuana.

  8. So the threatening manner in which evelin and her companion grouped at her driver side door pointing in her face wouldn't get anyone else to try to drive away worried that they may be attacked? I guess i would have to be black to understand…..

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