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– New York City loves pizza,
from dollar pizza to brick oven and Italian style. But today, we’re gonna try one pizza that is totally different. My name is Cody Buffington and
today we try the super slice. (techno music) So today we have come out to Pizza Barn in Yonkers, New York. This place is about a
50-minute train ride outside of Manhattan, and today
we’re gonna be trying something extra special. I should say super special. This is the reason we
are out here in Yonkers. (car horn beeps) (beep)
(laughter) So this is the reason that we’re (laughs) This is the reason that we’re
out here in Yonkers today, is to try the two foot long super slice. Today I am joined with some friends. We have Lara, who you know. Gabe, you have not met before. And Joe, as well. And these guys are the
volunteers who have come out to try this slice with me,
because Lara actually thought we were gonna be splitting one. And I had to tell her that, no.
– I was pretty confident that I could finish it.
– She’s like, yeah, I could finish that. She thought it was gonna
be split up into four ways. No, we’re each eating our own super slice. So each one is probably
a medium size full pizza, and that’s what we’re doing today. No one finishes, really. No one finishes, huh? – Challenge accepted. (laughs) – [Cody] Since releasing
the super slice in 2016, Pizza Barn has been on the
news, Travel Food Channels, and numerous YouTube videos. People from all over the
country stop by to try the two foot long slice. As our pizzas were in the
oven, they tell us about a guy who ate the slice in just seven minutes. – He actually was a guy that came in here on a Monday morning, he did what he did, he ate it as soon as we opened up. – [Cody] It was just a casual thing. – He was drinkin’ the night before. – [Cody] Oh, that helps. – We’re his diner stop before home. – [Cody] Yeah, we should’ve done that. (Lara laughs)
– It was more of, he just finished it and disappeared. So we didn’t get a chance
to take his picture. – Wow.
– But we do– – The mystery man.
– Mystery man. So we got somebody to take
care of that mystery man. – [Cody] Oh my God, thank you, Dave. This is insane. That’s one. (techno music) ♪ I waited on this back door ♪ ♪ Just moment to arrival ♪ Joe, you’re tryin’ to
beat the record, right? – Seven minutes.
– So they want someone that can actually beat
it so they can take a picture and put it on the wall of fame here. And Joe, he’s hopin’ to be that guy today. – ‘Cause he’s not your average Joe. – He’s not.
– I’m not. – That’s amazing.
– Definitely not. – Alright, so for me and
the rest of the gang here, I think we’re just tryin’ to finish, like on our own pace, like enjoy it. So you’re gonna see us
like casually eating, and then he’s gonna be
the one in the corner like chowin’ down. So because there’s so
many pizzas on this table, we actually can’t fit
everyone in the shot. So I have Joe over here– – So there’s an outsider. – Joe’s over here. He’s tryin’ to do the
seven minute challenge. So I wanna borrow one of
his clips so I can like kinda show it for you. Five, four, three, two, one. He’s begun. – Alright.
– He’s actually going for it, wow. (Italian music) – Welcome to New York style. Folding it. (intense music) So these pizzas, on average,
about 3000 calories. It’s like a normal day for me. I bet it’s like a week for you. – Yep. (intense music) You know, he might do it. – Yes, wow. – You gotta let him concentrate. – He’s a beast. – He is a beast. I literally took like one bite. – Remind editing, Cody. – Yeah, cut to this. (intense music) – How many minutes is he in? – He’s only two minutes in. (laughs) – He’s almost done. – Nice day we’re having.
– Yeah. – New face of Pizza Barn. This could be it. – [Joe] I don’t think I’m gonna make it. – No? – [Joe] Ya’ll are darn tootin’. (laughter) (cross talk) – It’s alright.
– You tried. – No, you enjoyed. (laughs) Good effort, good effort. – Let’s order another
one, we’ll try again. (laughter) How you doin’ down there? – Alright.
– we’re goin’ along now. – I’m slowin’ down. – Hey, I’m slowin’ down too. Look how much I ate. – [Joe] I almost got it, I was so close. Do I get to be on the wall still? (laughter) Yes, that’s all I wanted. – That’s all he wanted
was to be on the wall. – Somethin’ kept tellin’
me, get two slices. I was like, what? ‘Cause I got a meltdown. – No way. – Can you imagine getting
two slices and not being able to finish one? – I’d just delete the video. (laughter) – Not worth the embarrassment. – If I got two and I was
like I’m gonna finish these, and I barely finish one, the
video would never go live. There was like a man
who can finish a pizza. Is that the case? You know that thumbnail, I can put that on like Tuna now or somethin’. Girls like that, she’s sayin’. – The first line of like you’re
turning back, she’d be like, super like for my super slice. (laughs) – That’s good. Would you be like, do you
think this slice is big? (laughs) Just wait, you’ll be really disappointed. – Wait ’til you see my camera. – You’ll be disappointed. He has like a burrito. – What?
– Burrito. – Burrito.
– Burrito. – She’s still learning English. (laughs) She’s only been here for eight years. – I understand. – I never know why I can’t say burrito. – Burrito. – I never understand what you’re saying. – It sounds like bruto. – [Joe] Sounds like she’s saying brutal. – She’s like, yeah, he’s brutal. He’s like, what? Burrito.
– Bree-to. – Bruto.
– Bruto. That’s nice.
(laughter) – Bruto.
– Bruto. – You’re missing letters in there. – I got this much left. Seems probably the same as last update. I swear I have eaten some, and the thing is, like,
my stomach is getting full even though it’s the first
meal I’ve had all day. It’s 3:00 pm. So I thought fast would be
the way, but I feel like if I was a professional, I
probably would’ve warmed up the stomach earlier, like real early. I feel like the slower I’m going, I’m like filling up quicker and quicker. Definitely fast is the way to
go, if you wanna finish it. But I wanna enjoy it. – Very nice.
(laughter) – You should leave the funny
parts, it’s all you got. – Yeah, we’re gonna be cutting– That’s all you got. You’re right, I don’t got much of a video. This is all I’ve done so far. I feel like I wasn’t cut out
for this in the beginning. I didn’t train properly. So that was my bad. It was just supposed to be a
fun video here in New York, and I didn’t know it would be so serious. We have just finished our
video here at Pizza Barn. I have to say, Joe was really
the only one who finished it. He’s not your average Joe. I’m gonna have my real ones
social medias link down below so you can check them out and
try to have their perspective. But man, I ate half the
pizza and I am stuffed. It was like– – I’m bringing mine home. – She’s bringing it home. I did like maybe 70%. – Overall it was a good pizza. – Yeah.
– Really good. – Yeah.
– It was really good. – Even though it was like,
kind of like this thing, like people come to see
it’s like a gimmick. It’s like really, really good. I would highly suggest Pizza
Barn if you’re in the area. Or if you’re not, you can
just come up to Yonkers, like a 50 minute ride like we did. ‘Cause it was sick. – It’s a trip well worth it. – It is like the trip well worth it. Definitely, and then you’re gettin’ like a full-size pizza
anyway, you can just eat. If you wanna split it, you can. (laughter) That is it, guys. Thank you so much for
watching, and until next time, explore the world. (techno music)


  1. I love food videos, so this was so cool! And quite insane, LOL!
    Great to see Lara again in one of your videos too! Maybe something might be brewing between you two again? πŸ˜‰

  2. Holy pizza parlor, Batman! Did Joe survive? Too bad he didn't have any organic apple cider vinegar, drink that while you eat it quickens the digestive process.

  3. I’ll be in New York next month. I’ll have to try it! I know I won’t finish it, but it’ll be fun! Thanks Cody!

  4. I'm so lactose intolerant this video made my stomach hurt. LOL. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Soooo. much. cheese.

  5. Best food video you ever made Cody was the hamburger the exploring crew ate in California 😁much respect to your hard work bro!

  6. We have a Pizza Barn here in Loxahatchee, Florida. Not the same company though and they don’t have ant 2 foot slices of pizza. Loved the video!

  7. Give me that Hawaiian pizza πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•πŸπŸ•

  8. Easy peasy IS what I would say. You know what you did wrong Cody? You got pineapple and ham. That's a Californian pizza. Surprised they had that on the menu. LOL. Looking forward to seeing you with EWF and Josh and Bucky in Romania. Have fun be safe and as always, #ExploreTheWorld

  9. So happy to see Lara again, and that you two are friends. SO hungry for east coast pizza now but stuck here in AZ. πŸ‘ πŸ•

  10. What is the name of the song playing when they bring the pizza goes I waited on this backdoor just moment to arrival. Who sings it?? What's the name of the song.

  11. I wouldn't ever in my life be able to eat that whole pizza. But of course Chicago Is known for their pizza.

  12. Man, I thought your guy Joe was gonna set a record for the ages….what happened? He had one heckuva start but he burned too bright and too quickly. It was a terrific effort and I think with the proper coaching and training he could set a record. With the correct circumstances I'm sure you could finish and Gabe too. Lara, however, I'm afraid she's always gonna get three meals outta each slice. She's just too dainty and ladylike I suppose haaahahaa! What can ya do? Seriously though, it's good to see ya havin' fun with some friends at home. Keep on keepin ' on Cody. ……………………………………………………..PEACE!!

  13. Sorry to asked this one cody but she looked like she was your previous Girlfriend. Or in this Case wasnt she your girlfriend ucz in previous videos like on "The One THing You Must Do In New York City" was when she last appeard

  14. For those of you that are interested… Im the guy that was attempting the pizza record. I would really appreciate if you checked out my channel and let ke know what you think of my videos!

  15. I miss New York! And the pizza but not the snow, I hate winter! Nice vlog Cody. I'lll go to Shakey's BGC tommorow and buy me thin crust Manager's Choice pizza!

  16. I love NY pizza so much and THIS is one of the reasons why. Big slices! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

  17. Can you not call this a slice, a slice is something cut from a larger piece.
    This is just a medium pizza in the shape of a triangle.

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