Would You Live in San Francisco or Los Angeles? Question

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if you have questions for us ask them
and we will answer two ways to send the men voicemail 2192 David P or just send it
via email through our website David Pakman dot com here’s one from Daniel daniel says dear
David and Lewis I’m interested in subscribing to the
David Pakman show online anyway but first I wanna know your opinions on which
California city San Francisco or Los Angeles would you rather live in and why it can be about any description
as long as you give the good for the city you prefer and the bad for this city that you don’t
I accept any answer with an open mind Louis I will go to you
first LA or San Francisco if you had to live in one or the other I don’t even have to think about it San
Francisco its it’s one of my favorite cities in the country not only is there good
public transportation but Tom you’ve got light traffic there’s plenty of good food good
restaurants I I know the cost of living is is really
high but a you can get a lotta good food and drink or relatively low
price away is the exact opposite and I the
chap it’s ridiculous I people are ridiculous BI the natural disasters are ridiculous
iraq gotta stop be very good there is so much nonsense number one the people in Los Angeles
they’re not ridiculous I your friends in Los Angeles the people
have lost Angeles are perfectly fine and also san Francisco has a really big
traffic problem I just don’t think you’ve ever really driven in San
Francisco but particularly in and out a San Francisco which I’ve
done a number of times there’s plenty of traffic there although I understand that
Southern California traffic LA traffic is particularly bad I agree with you a hundred percent I
would choose to live in San Francisco except for one particular thing which is
that if I were to consider career and showed related stuff there’s obviously a lot more in terms of
new media and production happening in Los Angeles than there is
in San Francisco one thing you miss the Lewis the San Francisco whether some people
really like it very very hot I actually like the San Francisco
whether where you’ve got relatively you know the difference between winter
and summer is not nearly as big as it is in in for example New Yorker Massachusetts
breaking the and eighty-degree swing for or or more in some cases from winter
to summer I like the San Francisco weather and if
you want the heat you just go outside to the city by an hour and it’s it’s way
warmer in a right of course there’s also I mean I
don’t think this affect us but there’s also the constant kinda Aug n rain going on in San Francisco
which can have a psychological effect on some people make them depressed but let me back up a little bit arm of
course I’m not saying that everybody in LA is ridiculous I’m just stating that there is a higher
percentage a ridiculousness in LA so there’s elements
to look to LA culture that you don’t particularly
like although you’re not saying it specifically is about the people there’s
just elements about the culture there that are that pleasing to you that’s
right night so there’s my answer I would definitely
if if putting aside the pragmatic aspect where I might be
able to make more contacts with type of work that I do on this program I would definitely choose to live in San
Francisco over Los Angeles

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